Washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher just to mention a few, are some of the home appliances that are used almost on daily basis. Therefore, you will need a repair company whenever an appliance develops severe malfunction, even though some repair tasks can be tackled without help from a professional. Several brands such as LG are made to last for many years, of course, but at some point in time appliances will experience operational tear and wear. If the problem is beyond your ability to handle, probably you will need to hire repair service.

Referral And Recommendation

Despite the fact that referrals and recommendations are highly considered when looking for appliance repair companies, the best source of information should be someone you know and trust. Family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers can give you a decent list of professionals to get in touch with. Based on your budget, you will choose a company that offers the best price, as well as the ability to handle that particular repair work. Referrals and recommendations also lessen the time of finding a repairman because you already have a list together with their phone contacts. So, you will choose according to what they handle, and the general cost they offer.

washer-and-dryer-repairMake A Logical Decision

If your washing machine or dryer has likely developed some mechanical problem, you will need to find someone who specializes in washer and dryer repair to fix it as soon as you want. However, the situation should not be handled as an emergency, because it may lead to wrong decisions. It is advisable to take time and choose a repair company without rushing. There are many companies nowadays, but not all can be reliable and trustworthy. The first company that shows up in the first search results online does not mean it is the best. So, ensure you choose a company well to avoid costly mistake at the end.

Search On The Internet

Nowadays it is easy and quick to find a good washer or dryer repairman from the comfort of your office or home, thanks to the web. If referrals and recommendations are not bearing beneficial outcomes, then you can consider searching online. You can search for specific keywords such washer repair or dryer repair, or type in the brand name such as LG dryer appliance repair or LG washer appliance repair. Such searches will narrow down to the top repair companies within your locality, and then choose that best suits your needs.

Insurance And License

If you have prepared a list of several appliance repair companies, you need to check each and every company whether it has insurance and license. Insurance is quite important because it covers the repairman or the company’s technicians working within your property. In a case of any accident, you will not be held liable to pay for medical expenses. Also, every appliance repair company must have a valid license that authorizes it to work within a particular jurisdiction. Based on the brand of your appliance, it is important to check if the repairman is factory authorized to handle repair work on that machine.

Guarantee And Warranty

Appliances have labor and parts warranties, usually 30-day labor repair warranty and 90-day parts warranty. A company that offers warranty is reliable, and will ensure parts used are original and of high quality. No company will be willing to keep on visiting homes severally to repair appliances with warranties, and therefore you rest assured that the work will be done appropriately the first time.


Sometimes people look at the number of years an appliance repair company has been operating, forgetting that this is not necessarily a reflection of real expertise in the job. It is alright to check how long the company has been in the industry, but you need to examine the level of experience and skills the repairmen have. Ask for past jobs, because you will be able to see if they did what you expect. You can also contact a few of the previous customers and ask about their experience with the company.

Check Online Reviews

Most repair companies have business websites where customers can book services online, or ask queries based on what they want. The review websites such as Yelp.com give unbiased information, and can help you know if a company is reliable. Another useful source of unbiased information is Better Business Bureau, where they have a list of businesses and feedbacks from clients. They keep information about complaints raised by customers, and therefore you can check the resolved and unresolved complaints before making any decision of choosing a company.