Pruning a palm tree may seem like a very easy task of removing the dry fronds, and the job is over. First, you need sharp tools including safety gears such as sturdy boots, gloves, and leg chaps. Also, you may need eyewear to keep your eyes from getting injured by the fronds. Care is required while pruning so that the trunk is not damaged. A ladder is useful to reach the fronds, but you should not use spikes when climbing a palm tree because the tree may get damaged and left vulnerable to diseases and insects.

Prune Dead Fronds Near The Trunk

Not all palm trees require pruning since they do self-cleaning. Therefore, first understand they type of your palm trees before planning to prune them. Alright, you need to prune your palm trees and get rid of the dead fronds. You will notice the fronds are dropping and start turning brownish yellow. Cut the fronds near the trunk, but ensure you don’t leave injuries because insects may invade and destroy the tree.

Avoid Over Pruningpalm tree

As much as you need your palm tree free from those dead fronds, you should avoid over pruning. There is the recommended pruning frequency, which restricts trimming more fronds than the tree can produce within a year. Whenever a frond is provided, the older one starts turning brownish, indicating it is ready for pruning. Never cut the green fronds because they are a source of food for the tree during harsh seasons.


Once you remove the protruding part of the dead frond, you also need to skin the tree trunk by removing the base of the frond. This is to give the tree a good looking shape, as well as aerating the tree trunk. However, this should be done by an expert with sharp knives. The trunk is soft and can easily be cut while skinning. To avoid damaging the tree trunk, hire a landscaper to do the job on your behalf.

Remove Small Coconuts

If a coconut falls from a palm tree, it may cause a devastating damage when it lands on someone’s head. Apart from hitting people, it can damage your property such a car parked under the palm tree. However, there are very tall palm trees that you may not reach to remove the little coconuts. This is when you need to call a landscaper to help you. Landscapers have advanced pruning methods and aerial lifts to reach the top, no matter the height of the tree. Don’t risk climbing the tree; it might be quite dangerous.

Cleaning Up

Once you are through with the entire pruning job, the fronds can be transported to a dumping site or a local landfill. If the landfill is too far, seek permission of burning the fronds by contacting the local authority environmental officers.

Hire A Tree Pruning Expert

Landscapers are usually responsible for trimming tree within residential or commercial areas. If the palm tree is too tall, hire a specialist to carry out the job.